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Hardly any other tool is as suitable as a chainsaw when it comes to removing dead branches, felling diseased trees or other difficult jobs where wood has to be cut. A chainsaw is also used when firewood has to be cut.

In addition to the gasoline-powered devices, which are often used in forestry, more and more people are resorting to the cordless chainsaw.So, if you are thinking of buying such a gardening assistant, you need to find out in advance about the various advantages of these devices;

Cordless chainsaw


With the cordless chainsaw, there is less noise…

A cordless chainsaw is very quiet. This advantage is obvious to any user who has ever worked with a gasoline-powered chainsaw. Even at idle, the two-stroke engine of the gasoline-powered unit makes loud noises. If the chain is loaded, the noise increases and quickly becomes deafening.

To avoid permanent damage, hearing protection should therefore be worn when working with gas-powered chainsaws. When used in the forest or in gardening, such noise levels may still be acceptable, but not in the garden behind the house or on a construction site in a residential area.

This is where the cordless chainsaw shows one of its strengths, as it is much quieter to use. Cutting also causes noise, but the motor only emits a loud hum or buzz that can no longer be heard at a short distance. As some tests of cordless chainsaws show, these units can even reach noise levels close to that of a vacuum cleaner. This is extremely quiet for a chainsaw and therefore a real benefit to your own health.

 A cordless chainsaw is flexible, light and easy to handle…

cordless chainsaw

 A cordless chainsaw is often much more compact and lighter than its gasoline-powered sister. Because the latter requires not only a lot of weight, but also a lot of space. All users who only occasionally work with a chainsaw (and that should be most of them) will appreciate this advantage. A cordless saw is therefore more comfortable to use because less force is needed to hold and guide the saw.

In addition, you can work very flexibly with a cordless chainsaw. Depending on the model, it takes only a short time to charge the battery, and then the unit can be used anywhere: whether it's cutting dead branches, felling a dead tree, sawing firewood or cutting up beams and squared timber on the building site.

Since cordless saws run quietly anddo not emit any exhaust fumes, they can even be used for indoor work. This is another advantage in terms of flexibility.


Save nerves and money on maintenance - with the cordless chainsaw, it's possible…

A cordless chainsaw requiresvery little maintenance compared to a gas-powered saw. The device can remain in the shed or basement for months - as long as it has been stored only in a dry and frost-free place, simply charge the battery and the sawstarts at the push of a button .

A chainsaw with a gasoline engine is much more demanding. If it is not used for a long time, there are often difficulties in starting. Modern rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, require no maintenance and can be frequently discharged and recharged. The maintenance effort for battery-powered chainsaws is therefore very manageable. 


A chainsaw can be found in many homes. Casual users like to opt for the corded variant. In practice, cable drums are then unwound and extensions laid to reach the back corners of the vegetable garden. Storing the cable can quickly become tedious, at the latest when dismantling it after the work.

With a cordless chainsaw, this stress can be cleverly avoided. Because a cordless chainsaw gives youthe opportunity to do the work ahead quickly and without tangled cables.

A disadvantage of cordless chainsaws is their performance. Because the power is sometimes significantly lower than their gasoline and cable counterparts. The cordless chainsaw is not designed for thick tree trunks and large quantities of wood.

Good reasons for people and the environment…

Like all electric devices, a cordless chainsaw does not produce exhaust fumes and does not require fuel made from fossil fuels. This makes their operation much more environmentally friendly than that of gasoline-powered saws. This benefit is not only for the environment, but also for the user. Because where there are no exhaust gases, none can be inhaled. This is also considered a health benefit.

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