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Sawdust in your guide chain, visible wear on the teeth of your chainsaw?  There are many things that indicate a worn chain. As soon as you feel that cutting wood is becoming more difficult, that you need more effort for your work, it is time to sharpen the chain to get a good cut! To ensure that chain sharpening goes as smoothly as possible, don't wait until the last moment to do it! Inspect your chainsaw chain when you can to see if any parts are worn. If many parts look too worn, it's time to give your chain a new lease on life.

 before you start shapern your chainsaw

Remember, safety comes first and sharpening a chain saw is never without risk. To avoid putting yourself at risk, wear gloves and safety glasses when handling your guide chain. This will avoid the risk of cutting and severing. Never start your chainsaw while sharpening your chain! It is recommended that you turn off your tool completely and advance the chain with the file. Do not file with your hand without protection, wear gloves while sharpening.


shappern a chainsaw

For your sharpening, it is recommended that you have the right file for your chainsaw chain, but also an adjusting wrench to reattach the chain, as well as a product and cloths that can be useful for cleaning and wiping the chain, so that it performs well afterwards!

There are also other tools available to properly maintain your chainsaw, such as a guide bar to secure your tool when you need to sharpen it.

Shappern a chainsaw

You can also use sprockets and bushings to maintain the chain of your chainsaw so that your tool can stay sharp and precise for a long time!

Once your chain is sharpened, pay attention to the teeth, which are extremely sharp. It is then recommended that you work on the chain when it is cool, sharpening too regularly can cause the teeth to heat up and cause a decrease in the efficiency and life of the guide chain.



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