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You have decided to use a cordless chainsaw? Be sure to follow these safety tips

1. Keep all body parts away from the chain while the saw is in operation

Before starting the saw, make sure it is not in contact with any object.

Tips for using a  cordless chainsaw safely

In a moment of inattention while operating a chainsaw, the chain can catch on your clothing or your body.

Always hold the saw with your right hand on the rear handle and your left hand on the front handle.

Holding the saw with your hands in the opposite direction increases the risk of an accident and should be avoided.

Proper protective clothing will reduce the risk of injury from flying debris or accidental contact with the chain.

2. Do not operate the saw in a tree

Operating the saw high in a tree can result in personal injury. Always maintain a stable footing on the ground and operate the saw only while standing on a fixed, safe, level surface. Slippery or unstable surfaces such as ladders can cause you to lose your balance or control of the saw.

safety measures chainsaw


3. Always keep the handles clean, dry and free of oil and grease.

Greasy or oily handles are slippery and can cause loss of control.

4. Cutting Wood Only

Do not use the saw for any purpose for which it is not intended. For example, do not use the saw to cut plastic, masonry or building materials other than wood. Use of a chainsaw for other than its intended purpose could result in a hazardous situation.

tips for using your cordless chainsaw safely


The device should not be used if: the user is tired; the user has consumed alcohol; the person wishing to use the device is pregnant; the user is in poor physical condition; the person wishing to use the device is a child.

5. Always make sure that all handles and guards are attached

Always keep the handles clean, dry and free of oil. Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight. Check the bar for damage or excessive wear. If any defects are found, do not operate the unit. Use the saw only in well-ventilated areas. Oil splashes (from the chain lubrication system) and sawdust are hazardous to your health. Establish a safe area around the unit and make sure no one or animals are near it. Never operate a chainsaw without someone around. Make sure another person is nearby in case of trouble. Remove any obstacles. Make sure the chain is not touching the ground or any other obstacle.

tips for using your cordless chainsaw safety


6. When starting the unit, check for abnormal vibrations and sounds.

Do not operate the unit if abnormal vibrations or sounds are heard.Accidental dropping or breaking of parts can cause serious injury.

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