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Prohibited Products Policy

JOOMA works hard to ensure that we keep the trust of our buyers and protect them from the sale of dangerous, illegal and unauthorized products when they buy from our website: https://joomaworld.com/

JOOMA's restrictions and prohibitions are designed to protect public health, maintain order, ensure public safety and morality, and safeguard the cultural and environmental heritage of the United States.

Prohibited goods:

- Explosive, dangerous, toxic, flammable, corrosive or radioactive products: hydro-alcoholic gel, disinfectant, detergent, fuel, paint, lead, perfume, asbestos, narcotics, psychotropic materials, fireworks, chainsaw, medical waste...
- Wet, leaking or smelly packages: liquids, oils...
- Compressed air products: aerosols, gas or oxygen bottles, fire extinguishers, hairspray...
- Weapons and ammunition: knife, ammunition, rifle, pistol, sword, saber, war material including spare parts
- Illegal products: malware, falsified official documents
- Lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries as well as battery-powered vehicles: charger, monitor, hoverboard, printer, lithium, computer, battery, television, segway and scanner...
- Human body: organs or body parts, human embryos, cremated or decomposed human remains, perishable, infectious or non-infectious biological materials
- Health products and services: drugs (even with prescription for humans or animals), medical devices, paternity/genetic tests, eyeglasses or contact lenses, contraceptive products...
- Medicines (even with prescription)
- Fauna and flora: living plants and flowers, seeds, waste, land, animal or animal products (skins, fur, ivory, organs, ..), living or dead animals
- Money and valuables: coins, banknotes, credit cards, tax stamps, checks, lottery tickets, gold, silver, precious stones, valuable jewelry, paintings, precious metals, antiques, clocks and watches, identity documents and passports, original documents
- Finished tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, etc.) and electronic cigarettes
- Food and perishable goods: chocolate, vegetables, fresh products, frozen products, temperature-controlled goods
- Counterfeits: imitation products, products sold as genuine brands
- Adult products: sex toys, pornographic videos/shows, services organizing meetings or escorts for sexual relations and products having the shape of intimate parts of the body etc...
- Products of a pedophilic, obscene or immoral nature
- Polycarbonate baby bottles (bisphenol A)
- All cylindrical or conical shaped items: carpets, mattresses,...

Discouraged goods:

When your package is being shipped, your package will be handled industrially, so JOOMA advises against any fragile items or items with non-standard packaging sizes or shapes (irregular shapes, insufficient packaging, overhanging element...).

Each item must be properly packaged in a standard, square-shaped box.

- alcoholic beverages: reserved for professional customers with specific packaging approved by the carriers
- household appliances: oven, hood, washing machine, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, dryer, coffee machine, induction cooker and robots
- materials: ceramics, marble, tiles, porcelain, stone, glass...
musical instruments, turntables
- equipment: screens, bathtub, dishes, air conditioner, water heater, cameras and lenses, microscope, telescope, telescope, sewing machine, knitting machine...
- decoration: vase, mirror, lampshade, poster, picture frame, paint, photography, lights (lighting / lamps / chandeliers / bulbs / neon)...
- car items: tires, wheels, doors, engines, windshields or others

The sending of prohibited goods exposes the sender to criminal prosecution in case of material or physical damage during the shipment. In addition, the carrier may choose to block or destroy the goods, without any possibility of claim or compensation.