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Spring sale🎉

Jooma | Easy Grow

🌾Grow 1000's of different seeds in any weather! The #1 Rated seed growing kit

Everything you need to grow beautiful, thriving plants year-round
  • Grow thousands of different seeds
  • Grow your own self reliant food source 
  • Harvest again & again
  • No green thumb required!

Finally! The days of trial and error planting are over.

The Easy Grow is the one stop shop for successfully planting and growing from seed.

The unique Easy Grow design provides you with everything you need to grow healthy plants year-round.

Enjoy a home and garden full of abundance. Choose from thousands of different species and start growing your favourite thriving plants and flowers.

Take complete control over light, humidity, insects and pests and enjoy simple, easy, consistent growing results year-round. .

Grow your own crop with Easy Grow

Imagine… you could grow & harvest your very own crop of nutrient-dense fresh fruit and vegetables to supplement a food source. 

Easy Grow is a wonderful new way to bring fresh vegetables to your dinner table year-round.

With increasing food prices and future supply chain issues, more people than ever are taking action and saving money by growing their own fresh vegetables, herbs and plants. 

Secure your family a secondary food source and enjoy the wonders of growing your very own fresh food and plants.

Easy Grow ensures you give your plants the very best start.

Key features

🍃Powerful LED light:Perfectly replicate strong and natural light to get great growing results every time you plant. Each tray contains 4 powerful LED full spectrum growth lamps that radiate uniform growing light; this ensures consistent quality seed growth every time you plant.  

🍃Adjustable humidity and atmosphere control:The easy-to-use humidity and drainage controls allow you to replicate different seed species' natural growing environment.

🍃 5 Greenhouse atmosphere:Each of the 5 trays has its own individual control over light, humidity, and water. This provides the option to create 5 different greenhouse atmospheres all at the same time.

🍃60 planting pots:Each of the 5 trays contains 12 individual planting pots. This provides a total of 60 different planting pots!

Package includes

🌿 5 x Seedling trays

🌿 5 x Lights and usb data cables

🌿 5 x Water tight tray and individual plant drainage cups

🌿 5 x Humidity domes with individual humidity control

🌿 FREE - 2 x Seedling tools

🌿 FREE - 10 x Plant labels

🌿 FREE - 1 x Watering nozzle 

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